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Dr. Don Carlock Jr. and Ann Bodenheimer Carlock’s families moved to Gulf Breeze, FL in 1980. Don’s Dad is a retired Army Veteran.  Ann’s Dad was in the Navy but moved his family here to start a small business. Don and Ann went to Gulf Breeze Middle School and Gulf Breeze High School.  Although they knew one another in school, they were not high school sweethearts. Don went on to attend Florida State University and then Life Chiropractic College.  Ann attended the University of Florida and then the National Center for Paralegal Training.  They each pursued their careers and lives away from Gulf Breeze, but the pull to return was ever present.  Both of their parents still lived in Gulf Breeze and they each determined that Gulf Breeze would be a great place to settle down and raise a family. For the love of family, community, and life......a true love story was about to begin. 

In 1994, Don returned to Gulf Breeze and bought A Backcare Center in Pensacola.  Ann returned to Gulf Breeze in 2000, and began working for an area law firm.  It wasn’t long before the two reunited and their romance began.  From the beginning, they were inseparable.  They were engaged in 2002 and bought there first house in Gulf Breeze where they reside today.  They began working together shortly after they got engaged, when Don asked Ann to be his Clinic Administrator “temporarily.” Of course that turned into a wonderful working relationship that has continued ever since.  Life was great and the love for family, community, and life proved to be a winning combination.  Together they created one of the most successful Chiropractic practices in Pensacola. They were married in 2003 and in 2005 they had their first and only child, a boy they named Cooper.  Don and Ann raised Cooper at the office with a few changes, the office closed earlier and a room in the office was converted to a nursery.  The patients were great with Cooper - many of them wanting to hold him or feed him.  Cooper has grown up and is now 12 years old and attends Gulf Breeze Middle School. He is an Honors Student, a Tenor Saxophone player, and a Two Time Tropicana Speech Contest Winner for Santa Rosa County.  He is an avid history buff, and enjoys reading, fishing, playing golf, playing lacrosse, hunting, hiking, camping, playing X-box, and he is a really good cook. He is the joy of his parents’ life. 

With Gulf Breeze being their home, the place where their son attends school, and where Don’s parents live, it just made sense for it to be where they worked.  A Backcare Center transitioned into Balance Medical Center over the years, and now has transitioned into Balance Chiropractic. Moving the office for the sake of family, community, and life just felt right and fell into place so easily. Balance Chiropractic , the exclusive provider of the BPR Method™ - Balanced Pain Relief™,  officially open it’s doors for patients March 19, 2018. Located at 3214 Fordham Pkwy off Hwy 98 in Gulf Breeze.  Dr. Carlock is accepting new patients and looks forward to serving this great community.  The love for family, community, and life will continue with the Carlock’s and they look forward to many more successful years together in their hometown of Gulf Breeze, Florida.

The Carlock Family - Don, Ann, Cooper, and Harley

Balance Chiropractic - BPR Method™ in Gulf Breeze Balance Chiropractic in Gulf Breeze

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"I have dedicated my career to helping others out of pain and back to a life full of potential. I love what I do ...but more importantly I love my family, my community, and my life."   DCJ