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BPR Method™ - For the Athlete in All of Us

We are proud to be an exclusive BPR Method™Provider located in beautiful Gulf Breeze, Florida. We take pride in providing excellent patient care with superb outcomes, and an unwavering commitment to getting you out of pain using the BPR Method™- a proprietary, drug free pain relief approach to care that treats the functional cause of your pain and not just your symptoms.

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Experienced Chiropractor You Can Count On

Serving NW Florida since 1994, Dr. Carlock - Founder of the BPR Method™, has successfully treated thousands of patients just like you. The BPR Method™ begins with a complete review of your history and current condition.  Diagnostic tests such as X-rays, MRI, or Doppler Ultrasound may be ordered or reviewed. A functional BPR Method™ exam will be completed along with a computerized GaitScan™. Appropriateness of care will be determined and you will either be accepted for care or referred to another provider. If accepted for care he will create a custom pain relief and rehabilitation plan to quickly resolve your condition. 


Chiropractor-Gulf Breeze-Balance Chiropractic-BPR Method™-Dr. Don Carlock Jr.

A Unique Chiropractic Approach in Gulf Breeze

Dr. Carlock, recognized as a leader and innovator in the healthcare industry, has earned the respect of his patients and medical providers alike. He will personally guide you through your care and ensure you receive only the best  recommendations for treatment and support during your healing process and beyond. We invite you, your family, and friends to come experience the BPR Method™. A unique approach to care that has served thousands of patients since 1994.

BRP Method™ - Defined

Q: What is the BPR Method™ ?

The BPR Method™ - Balanced Pain Relief™ - is a proprietary methodology of analysis and treatment of the neuromusculoskeletal system. A whole body approach which correlates with functional examination findings and with appropriate diagnostic tools. 

The BPR Method™ analysis is based on the premise that any abnormality or bio-mechanical deficiency can lead to stress points within the kinematic chain resulting in myofascial (muscle and fascia) changes, functional shortening of key muscle groups, and eventually pain syndromes. 

The BPR Method™ treatment is based on the premise that correction of underlying bio-mechanical deficiencies through proprioceptive retraining using RX foot orthotics leads to balancing of the kinematic chain resulting in reduction or elimination of functional stress points. Soft tissue and joint dysfunction as well as functional muscular imbalances can then be effectively addressed and corrected.  

*Treatment protocols are fluid and are condition specific and procedures selected may vary depending on the diagnosis, underlying causes, and the overall health condition of the patient; however, the goal of treatment is the same....drug free pain relief and improved human performance!   

Chiropractor-Gulf Breeze-Balance Chiropractic-BPR Method™-Dr. Don Carlock Jr.

Chiropractor-Gulf Breeze-Balance Chiropractic-BPR Method™-Dr. Don Carlock Jr.

A Message from Dr. Carlock

Most Common Conditions Treated

The BPR Method™- Complete Drug Free Treatment - Successful in treating the following conditions:

* Common Symptoms - common condition or diagnosis  - partial list

Headaches - Occipital Neuralgia, Cervicogenic, Postural, Myofascial.

Neck pain (cervical) - Facet syndrome, Ligament Instability, Whiplash-CAD (cervical acceleration deceleration syndrome), Arthiritis (Degenerative Disc Disease), Cervico-Brachial Syndrome, Disc Lesions (bulge, protrusion, herniation), FHP (forward head posture)

Shoulder pain - RCS (rotator cuff syndrome), Sprain/Strain, Bursitis, Impingement Syndrome (AC joint), Adhesive Capsulitis, Myofascial  Imbalance, Trigger Points, Muscle Weakness.

Elbow & Wrist pain -Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow), Medial Epicondylitis (Golfer's Elbow), Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis (Osteoarthritis)


Upper & Mid - Back pain (thoracic)- Scoliosis, Rib dis-articulation, Myofascial, Facet Syndrome, Disc Lesions (bulge, protrusion, herniation), Arthritis.

Lower Back pain (lumbar) - Spondylolisthesis, Disc Lesions (bulge, protrusion, herniation), Mechanical LBP, Facet Syndrome, Degenerative Disc Disease, Sprain/Strain, Myofascial (muscular), Pregnancy, Radiculopathy.

Sciatica - Sacroiliac Syndrome (SI joint), Radiculopathy, Piriformis Entrapment Syndrome.

Hip pain - Arthritis(Osteoarthritis), Iliotibial (IT-Band) Syndrome, Groin Muscle Strains, Myofascial, Bursitis, Muscle Weakness, Trigger Points.

Knee pain - Sprain/Strain (ACL,PCL,Collateral Ligaments), Runner's Knee, Patellar Tracking Disorder, Bursitis, Arthritis (Osteoarthritis), Internal Derangement (non-surgical), Meniscus (lateral, medial).

Lower Limb pain- Anterior Tibialis Syndrome (Shin Splints), Medial & Posterior Compartment Syndromes.

Foot & Ankle pain - Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles disorders (tendonitis, tedonopathy), Heel Spurs, Bunions. Morton's Neuroma, Metatarsalgia.

BPR  Method™ Results

Safe, Effective, and Consistent Results

Has the BPR Method™ changed your life?

Balance Chiropractic - Services

BPR Method™ : Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractor-Gulf Breeze-Balance Chiropractic-BPR Method™-Dr. Don Carlock Jr.

Dr. Carlock is the exclusive provider of the BPR Method™. He is a board certified Chiropractic Physician in Gulf Breeze, FL and is a recognized expert in his field of Chiropractic Medicine. He is trained in delivering a variety of spinal and extremity manipulative techniques. His practice focuses on Auto Accident & Sports Injuries as well as Wellness Care using the BPR Method™.  Manipulative techniques are chosen based on patient comfort and appropriateness of care.

The purpose of the BPR Method™ adjustment is to return the joint to a natural state of health and to reduce pain, muscle spasms, and nerve irritation, so you can enjoy your life pain free.


BPR Method™ : Auto & Sports Injury Care

Chiropractor-Gulf Breeze-Balance Chiropractic-BPR Method™-Dr. Don Carlock Jr.

Dr. Carlock understands the stress and pain patients are in following an auto accident. As a chiropractor in Gulf Breeze, he has successfully  treated thousands of patients since 1994 using the BPR Method™.   He will analyze X-rays / MRI / CT scans, diagnose, and then create an individualized treatment plan for your whiplash and soft tissue injuries. He will thoroughly explain your treatment and update your Personal Injury Attorney and insurance agency on your behalf. Most patients respond rapidly and favorably to their care.


The BPR Method™ is ideal for Sports and Non-sports related injuries.  The goal of treatment is to get you out of pain and back in the game of life without the use of drugs or surgery.  

BPR Method™ : Rehabilitation Techniques

Chiropractor-Gulf Breeze-Balance Chiropractic-BPR Method™-Dr. Don Carlock Jr.

As part of the BPR Method™ Rehabilitation techniques are often used and patients are trained in home care exercises and stretches to put them back in charge of their condition and to reduce doctor dependency care. The BPR Method™ may also use Class IV -LightForce® Therapy Laser, RockTape® IASTM - Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, RockTape® kinesiotape, PNF Stretching, Myofascial Release using HYPERICE® - HyperVolt technology, and RX Foot Orthotics from The Orthotic Group. A combination of therapies may be combined for your individualized treatment plan. The BPR Method™ has proven to be very successful in treating non-surgical neuro-musculoskeletal conditions such as: see list of conditions treated above.

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