BPR Method™ - Defined

 The BPR Method™ - Balanced Pain Relief™ - a functional based methodology of analysis and treatment of the musculoskeletal system that starts with the bio-mechanics of the feet which correlates with functional examination findings, and with other diagnostic tools. The BPR Method™ analysis is based on the premise that any abnormality or bio-mechanical deficiency can lead to stress points within the kinematic chain resulting in myofascial (muscle and fascia) changes, functional shortening of key muscle groups, and eventually pain syndromes. The BPR Method™ treatment is based on the premise that correction of underlying bio-mechanical deficiencies through proprioceptive retraining using RX foot orthotics leads to balancing of the kinematic chain resulting in reduction or elimination of functional stress points. Soft tissue dysfunction and functional muscular imbalances can then be effectively addressed and corrected. 

 *Treatment protocols are fluid and are condition specific and procedures selected may vary depending on the diagnosis, underlying causes, and the overall health condition of the patient; however, the goal of treatment is the same....drug free pain relief!  


Balance Chiropractic & the BPR Method™

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