Opioid Avoidance, Back Pain, & BPR Method™

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Opioid Avoidance, Back Pain, & BPR Method™ - Available (Fall 2019)

Opioid Avoidance, Back Pain, & BPR Method™ - In the midst of the current opioid crisis the BPR Method™️ / Balanced Pain Relief™ provides a real functional based solution for back pain sufferers. Avoid these destructive and highly addictive medications by treating the functional cause of your low back pain and not just the symptoms. A sensible approach to treatment that may very well have the power to unlock the long term health benefits of prevention and increased human performance. 

"Stop Suffering and Experience the BPR Method™" - Dr.C

Thousands of patients since 1994 have experienced drug free pain relief by Dr. Carlock using the BPR Method™

Dr. Carlock is currently developing a BPR Method™ Provider Network of highly qualified, like minded practitioners who will deliver this life changing, drug free approach to care around the world.